Our Values

Consultation: Monster Chops Creative knows each organization is unique and has unique requirements. At the same time, our experience shows us that there are common threads that run through the requirements of all clients. This combination of open-mindedness and experience helps us perceptively and efficiently identify our customers' goals and requirements.

Responsiveness: We understands the need for collaboration and feedback as part of every successful development project. We then work with the client to narrow the focus through a range of agreed criteria such as client preference, user acceptance and technical fit. As development progresses, we keep the client in the loop in order to avoid costly back tracking.

Standards-based: Monster Chops Creative views adherence to standards as an opportunity, not a constraint. As more web sites demonstrate good standards compliance, the web becomes better as a whole.

Customer Service: The Monster Chops Creative team has built a reputation on customer service. We have relationships with many clients going back more than ten years. The one thing our clients consistently tell us is how much they appreciate and value our ongoing support in the post-development phase. Our pride in our product is your best warranty.